Get that cat out of your mouth.

Well, today was pretty rainy. That would basically explain everything. It was wet and gross and overall, icky. School was full of the dumb shenanigans that go on every day. I have noticed that people say really stupid things for no reason. How odd. When I got home, I took my Friday Afternoon Nap. It was extra long, because I have been extra worn down this week. Now I am alone in my house. I think I like it best that way. Okay. So the #1 thing that bugs me about my school is how completely sure of themselves everyone either is or appears to be. I don’t know if I am envious of them, or revolted. Maybe I am enviously revolted. Is that possible? Probably not.


O mio babbino caro

Maria Callas singing O mio babbino caro from Gianni Schicchi

You look so defeated lying there in your new twin size bed.

Power, however it has evolved, whatever its origins, will not be given up without a struggle”

– Shulamith Firestone

I’m wide-eyed and legless.

Writing is the only way I can manage to think clearly. Really, the only way. Every day I force myself to write as much as my brain can handle, and I have oodles of notebooks full of things that I want to put somewhere other than just on paper. Here is that place.