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Well, it’s been too long

I haven’t written in AGES. Today I’m going to Bonnaroo. It should be interesting, to say the least. My mind is blank. Maybe when I come back, there will be more to say.


This world couldn’t hold you

I’m slowly learning the importance of not saying everything that is on my mind. Sometimes it is nice to be able to think things in my head without having to say them out loud, because I don’t know how to put my thoughts into words a lot of the time. Even more than that, I am trying to figure out how to deal with people. This is much more difficult, and I am not getting very far. I heart rhinoceri.

Yes, I’ll be leavin in the fall

Maybe I am the psychotic one. If you stare at the moon for long enough, it seems to get so close that the world dissipates into something a bit more sane. Maybe it will fall down on us all, and then we will understand the hurt and the love that exists here.

But you are my love, the astronaut

This is the end of the break. I want summer to come for the first time all year. We have only a bit more than a month left, and I can’t stand the thought of going back to school. UHG. Sleep beats waking up any day.

Like, whoa.

My parents are ripping apart our kitchen. I am stuck in this house. I am getting stir-crazy. The only plus side to this spring break is that I have gotten so much music, it is crazy talk.

It feels good to say that you’re my friend again.

Well this is no fun, at all. And I’m perfectly happy to be catatonic for the next week.

You wish silence released noise in tremors.

People can be so silly. I pay attention as closely as possible to them, and they never fail to make me think, “Wow. What the hell am I doing that makes me so incredibly different?” Maybe it isn’t a good kind of different, but it is different. Am I the one at fault, or are they? This is one of the things I need to figure out. Today went by quickly, which is a relief. The birds have come back to sing.